Established in August 13, 1999 by Victor H. Cuenca, Providence en Español is today the only digital daily newspaper serving Rhode Island’s Latino community. Within its pages, readers find an award-winning journalism and design package.We have pledged ourselves to assure that our readers discover in our pages the kind of material that empowers and enriches their lives.

Providence en Español is the most most respected Latino news source in the Rhode Island marketplace. Providence en Español provides insightful, unique viewpoints on local and national and international events, and hard-hitting coverage of what’s happening on the state level.

In the sixteen years since Providence en Español was first printed, the paper has metamorphosed into a publication trusted by the community to deliver information in a timely and interesting fashion. During election cycles, Providence enEspañol brings the issues home to the people with in-depth coverage of the campaigns and interviews with the candidates who will become their legislators.

We provide news about Latinos with an unbiased perspective, and also analysis of that news with respect to the Latino point of view. Our journalistic integrity, approach to reporting the news and clear-eyed perspective are just three of the many reasons why Providence en Español has quickly gained status as one of the mainstream publications in the state of Rhode Island.


  • 2002 Metcalf Award
  • 2003 NAHP National Association of Hispanic Publications
  • 2007 NAHP National Association of Hispanic Publications
  • 2014 Metcalf Award